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  • Termination Forms for Retirees

    Dec 15, 2021, 8:27 AM By MOSERS

    Among the many items covered at Benefits U last September was the importance of submitting termination forms timely, particularly for employees retiring directly from active employment. To calculate pension benefits accurately and pay them on time, we rely on you to submit termination forms for new retirees no later than the first week of the month in which the employee is retiring. We are happy to report that our tracking reports have reduced in size by 50% since Benefits U. Thank you for your continued assistance with this effort!

  • Internal Transfers

    Aug 16, 2021, 10:43 AM By MOSERS

    Please note that a transfer form should be submitted to report the internal transfer of an employee. An internal transfer is when an employee moves from one organization or section to another within the same agency or department, this includes moving from one facility or work location to another within the same agency or department.

    The transfer form alerts MOSERS of a change in pay location for the employee and their service records are updated accordingly. Submitting the transfer form is important to help MOSERS maintain accurate service records and ensure the salary received for an employee aligns with their service.

  • Employer Forms Webinar

    May 31, 2021, 3:31 PM By MOSERS

    Follow the link below to find the Employer Forms Webinar recording from April 21, 2021.

    Employer Forms Webinar - RECORDING

    To register to watch the recording, enter your name and email address. To move through the recording use the progress bar at the bottom: 

    00 – 13 min: Intro to MOSERS Forms

    13 – 33 min: Leave of Absence Form, including Back to Work

    33 – 40 min: Transfer of Employment Form

    40 – 60 min Termination of Employment Form

    1:00 – 1:27 min: Q & A; overview of Employer webpage

    The content was presented by Juanita Mummert, Assistant Benefits Officer-Education; Jamie Mullen, Employer Services Manager; Juanita Libbert, Receivables Analyst; and Shelley Lehmann, Contribution Analyst.


    Download Webinar handouts:

    • Employer Forms Webinar – Slides
    • Employer Forms – Quick Reference
    • Employer Forms – FAQ
    • Leave of Absence Resources [Impact on Benefits; Flow Chart; Military Leave]

  • Furlough & Unpaid Leave

    Aug 4, 2020, 2:03 PM By MOSERS

    In the June 2020 HR Update, we discussed the impact of a layoff of an employee (position eliminated due to shortage of funds, etc.) on MOSERS benefits. We have recently received several questions concerning the impact of furlough days on an employee’s retirement.

     – Furlough days are treated as an approved leave that is not illness-related. Pension benefits may be impacted as described below.

    A Furlough of One FULL Pay Period or MORE

     – If a furlough period lasts one or more full pay periods, an employer should submit a Leave of Absence/Back to Work form indicating the approved leave to MOSERS. Upon an employee’s return to work, an employer should submit a new Leave of Absence/Back to Work form to MOSERS.


    • An employee does not earn service or salary credit during a furlough period that is one FULL pay period or longer.
    • This could result in lower credited service towards retirement.
    • It could also delay when the employee becomes eligible for retirement.
    • During the furlough period, the employee is responsible for paying any premiums due for life insurance and/or long-term disability coverage directly to MOSERS to continue coverage. MOSERS will work with the employee to arrange the direct bill process. Upon an employee’s return to work, premiums will revert to being paid via payroll.

    A Furlough of LESS than One Pay Period

     – If a furlough period lasts less than one pay period, an employer should not submit a leave of absence form to MOSERS.


    • An employee does earn service credit and salary credit during a furlough period that lasts less than one pay period.
    • An employee does earn salary credit during a furlough period, but the salary credit is based on actual pay during the period. As a result, if the employee receives a reduced salary, this could result in a lower final average pay (FAP) if the leave occurs during the employee’s highest 36 consecutive months of pay.
    • A lower FAP will reduce the employee’s retirement benefit.

    Please inform your employees of the difference in these scenarios if you are providing options concerning furlough days.

    If you have further questions, please contact Juanita Libbert, Cindy Barbarick, or Shelley Lehmann

  • When and How to Submit Termination of Employment Forms

    Dec 19, 2019, 8:42 AM By MOSERS

    The Termination of Employment and Transfer of Employment forms can be completed electronically through the secure Employer Homepage under the Forms menu option.

    Termination of Employment

    A few reminders when submitting a Termination of Employment form:

    • Be cautious of submitting a termination form too early (i.e., two months or earlier). Once the form has been submitted online, it automatically updates the employee’s records in our system and shows them as terminated. The employee then may no longer be able to generate benefit estimates using myMOSERS.
    • An employee’s date of termination and payroll must agree. If an employee’s last day of work is on January 31, they should receive payroll for the full month of January.
    • If an employee is terminating at the end of a month/pay period, and the pay period ends on a regularly scheduled day off, and assuming the employee will receive pay for the full pay period, please submit the termination date as the last day of the pay period.
    • If you have an employee retiring directly from active employment, please submit the employee’s termination form no later than the first week of the month in which he/she is retiring. As a general rule, we must have all of the employee’s information entered in our system by the 9th of the month in which the employee is retiring.
    • Do not put comments in the comments field unless absolutely needed. Comments interrupt the automatic processing and then require a benefit specialist to key the form manually.

    Example: If an employee terminates, do not enter “resigned in good standing” in the comments field. 

    Transfer of Employment

    If the employee has not missed an entire calendar month of payroll and is transferring employment from one state agency to another (in a MOSERS-covered benefit-eligible position), the hiring agency must complete the Transfer of Employment form. The previous employer must complete the Termination of Employment form. 

    The Transfer of Employment form eliminates any MOSERS-related paperwork for the employee (unless they wish to decrease optional term life insurance coverage or change their beneficiary information). 

    Exceptions for completing a transfer form:

    • Employees returning to state employment who have missed an entire calendar month of payroll
    • Employees transferring from the Department of Conservation, Highway Patrol, Department of Transportations, or a state college/university (except State Technical College of Missouri and Lincoln University), which are not covered by MOSERS' life insurance plan.

    Employees meeting these exceptions must be entered into SEBES since they will be eligible for at least one new benefit type.

  • Use the Right Forms

    Oct 17, 2019, 8:19 AM By MOSERS

    The purpose of the Notification of Change form is to notify MOSERS of any updates to a member’s demographic information, such as name, marital status, mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.  Please do NOT report any service-related changes on the Notification of Change form

    You should report service-related changes, such as a termination or a leave of absence, on the appropriate service-related form. The fastest, most effective way to submit this information is through the Employer Login using the Transfer of Employment form, Termination of Employment form, Application to Correct Service, or the Leave/Back to Work form.

    Your assistance will help ensure our members' records are accurate and they get the benefits they have earned.

    See the Updated Materials article below for more information about finding and submitting forms.