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  • Benefits Tip - Annual Benefit Statements Coming Soon

    Feb 14, 2023, 9:57 AM By MOSERS

    Annual Benefit Statements will be distributed to members by the end of March.

    This is a valuable planning tool because a significant part of your employee’s total compensation is through the value of the benefits they receive as a state employee (pension, healthcare, life, and long-term disability insurance, employer contributions to Social Security, etc.) plus the value of time off (annual leave, sick leave, and holidays).

    Their Annual Benefit Statement contains all this information in one convenient document. They will also be able to access their Annual Benefit Statement from their Document Express online mailbox by logging in to myMOSERS. It is available for them to print or save for later reference. They will receive an email from MOSERS once their statement is posted. If they have opted to receive their correspondence from MOSERS through the mail, their statement will be sent to their home address and it is also available as described above. 

  • Annual Benefit Statements

    Jun 17, 2020, 9:33 AM By MOSERS

    Please remind employees that all Annual Benefit Statements for active members are now available online. We apologize for the delay. Due to COVID-19, we had postponed sending out statements to some members until May. Members can access their Annual Benefit Statement today by logging in to myMOSERS. Click on Online Documents then on Document Express

  • Update on Annual Benefit Statements

    Apr 17, 2020, 12:48 PM By MOSERS

    At this time we have sent Annual Benefit Statements to our college & university members and to Department of Conservation employees only. Due to the COVID-19 state office building closures, including the MOSERS building, we have postponed sending statements to employees of other state agencies. We will resume sending the remainder of Annual Benefit Statements after normal operations resume.