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  • Entering and Correcting Employee Information in SEBES

    Jun 15, 2021, 8:29 AM By MOSERS

    All newly-hired benefit-eligible employees (or former employees who have missed at least 30 calendar days of payroll) must be keyed into the Statewide Employee Benefit Enrollment System (SEBES) on their date of hire, or as soon as possible thereafter. New benefit-eligible employees have only 31 days from their date of hire to enroll in most benefit offerings. Failing to enroll an employee through SEBES could result in a delay or ineligibility for certain benefits. When entering an employee’s information in SEBES, it is very important to enter information correctly. Information entered incorrectly could impact the employee’s ability to enroll in or utilize MOSERS-sponsored benefits.

    Universities: SEBES does not apply to “education employees” enrolled in CURP. However, eligible CURP employees electing to transfer from CURP to MOSERS must be enrolled through SEBES in addition to completing the Transfer of CURP Membership form.

    What do I do if I key a new employee’s demographic information incorrectly in SEBES?

    If you make an error when entering a new employee’s demographic information in SEBES, correct the error by updating the employee’s profile in SEBES. To update or make changes to an employee’s demographic information, log in to your SEBES employer account and, under the Employee tab, select Update. Make the necessary corrections and click Update.

    What do I do if I entered the SSN of a new employee incorrectly into SEBES?

    If you create the SEBES record with an incorrect SSN, you must delete the record and re-enter the member in SEBES with the correct SSN. To delete the employee from SEBES, log into your SEBES employer account and, under the Employee tab, select Delete. Key in the incorrect SSN and select Incorrect SSN as the reason for the deletion, then click Submit.

    Additionally, you must delete the record and re-enter correct information for employees entered into SEBES with incorrect employment information, including:

    • hire date,
    • benefit-eligible information, or
    • job classification. 

    What do I do if an employee I entered into SEBES did not show up for work on their hire date?

    If the new employee did not show up for work on their hire date, delete their record from SEBES.

  • Using the Online SEBES Card

    Jun 17, 2020, 9:33 AM By MOSERS

    In July 2017, the SEBES workgroup introduced the online SEBES Card. There are several advantages to the online card compared to the old generic card that HR previously had to print and fill in by hand:

    • The online card is personalized to the member. It will show only the benefit providers that apply to that member.
    • The deadline to enroll for benefits is printed on the card.
    • The employee’s email address where enrollment and notification info will be sent is printed on the card.
    • If the employee can start medical, dental, and vision insurance sooner, the deadline to do so is shown, too.
    • The online SEBES card can be printed as a PDF, saved, and emailed to the employee. This may be handy if the HR person is working from home.

    Each of the above features is circled in green or red on this sample SEBES Card.