We are building a new pension administration system called Phoenix. Our current system has served us well for more than 30 years, but it is nearing the end of its life expectancy. The move to Phoenix is a significant multi-year undertaking on track for completion in 2024.


Phoenix is analogous to the central nervous system of MOSERS – it contains all of the demographic, service and salary, and contribution data needed to administer benefits for all MOSERS members.

As the source of this vital information, you, the employer representatives, will be interacting directly with Phoenix. We have uniquely designed Phoenix to automate the data transmission between MOSERS and its covered employers. As a result, we are confident you will find Phoenix to be intuitive and user-friendly and provide you with more access to important benefit information for your employees.

Ultimately, Phoenix will be the means through which we partner together to provide timely and accurate benefits to MOSERS members. We look forward to sharing more and providing in-depth training opportunities as we draw closer to the project’s completion.

We will continue to post Phoenix updates on the HR Update Blog.


Phoenix FAQs

What is Phoenix?
Phoenix will be the new pension administration system for MOSERS. It contains all the demographic, service and salary, and contribution data needed to administer benefits for all MOSERS members. It will be the new system that MOSERS staff will use for administering benefits. Employer representatives, such as human resources and payroll staff, will have direct access to Phoenix through the Employer Login. As with any new system, users will interact with Phoenix differently than with our existing system. Members will have direct access to their information in Phoenix through myMOSERS.

Why is MOSERS replacing the existing system with Phoenix?
MOSERS is building the new system to:

  • Improve accuracy and controls
  • Become more nimble through a single integrated solution
  • Improve security
  • Become more efficient and increase automation
  • Sustain and improve customer service

Who will use Phoenix?
MOSERS staff, employer representatives, and MOSERS members will all interact with Phoenix.

When will Phoenix go live?
We anticipate that Phoenix will go live in 2024.

Where will I access it?
You will continue to access the Employer Login and myMOSERS through the MOSERS public website at

How will I learn how to use it?
MOSERS will provide training to employer representatives beginning in 2024.

Employer Involvement

Upcoming activities that will involve employers include:

  • Feedback via employer preparedness surveys
  • Training materials to employer representatives
  • Training for employer representatives
  • Parallel testing with employer representatives
  • Phoenix deployment

Process Map

Click on the images below to review an infographics of the process map in the new pension administration system.