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We Need Your Help to Correct Member Data Errors

Jan 18, 2024, 08:23 AM by MOSERS

We collect contributions from you — our employer partners — to help fund retirement, life insurance, and long-term disability benefits for benefit-eligible state employees.

Each month, we receive a record of the previous month's pay and contributions for all covered employees. A small percentage of those records contain an error, or discrepancy, between the pay and contributions MOSERS expected to receive for an employee and what MOSERS actually received.

There are two error reports within the secure Employer Login that employers must work each month to address pay and contribution discrepancies:

  • The Aged Accounts Receivable Report (for active employees)
  • The Terminated Report (for separated employees)

Employer representatives responsible for working the reports receive an email notification when a report is released and ready to work. 

Staying current on monthly error reports and submitting outstanding leave of absence, transfer, and termination forms to MOSERS is vital in administering timely and accurate benefits for your employees.

Maintaining the integrity of member records is a joint effort between MOSERS staff and covered employers. Feel free to contact the Employer Services team with your questions by emailing or calling (800) 827-1063 and selecting option 2.

For more information about error reports, view our Aged Accounts Receivable and Termination Error Reports Video and Employer Error Report Webinar.