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Get Ready for the Annual Salary Verification Process

Jul 18, 2023, 08:29 AM by MOSERS

Each August, MOSERS asks our employers to help verify employee salaries to ensure that basic life insurance coverage amounts are accurate.

MOSERS will release the Annual Salary Verification Report in mid-August. A notice (including instructions) will be sent as soon as the report is ready for your review. Employers must complete all salary verifications by September 6th.

The report is essential to ensuring that covered employees receive the correct amount of basic life insurance coverage each year.

Eligible employees receive one times their annual salary in basic life insurance coverage. The amount of coverage adjusts each January according to the employee’s annual earnings in effect on July 31 of the previous year (or the employee’s first day of coverage if not covered on July 31).

  • Annual earnings include normal earnings from a benefit-eligible position, including shift differential, security differential, and retention pay.
  • Overtime pay and other irregular payments are excluded from annual earnings. 

Additionally, if an employee is working in both a benefit-eligible and non-benefit-eligible position simultaneously, only pay from the benefit-eligible position is included in annual earnings. 

Please email if you have questions about the annual salary verification process. You can also watch a brief video tutorial on how to work the report if needed.