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  • Attention University Employees!

    Oct 17, 2023, 12:04 AM By MOSERS

    Transferring CURP Members
    An employee’s transfer from CURP to MOSERS takes effect the first day of the month following your receipt of the Transfer of CURP Membership form from the employee. The receipt date should be noted in Section C of the form. Send completed transfer forms to MOSERS and enroll the employee into SEBES.

    For example, if you receive the transfer form on October 20, assuming the employee meets the eligibility requirements to transfer, their CURP membership will end on October 31, and their MSEP 2011 membership will start on November 1.

    Entering Contract Employees
    Contract employees who are paid over 9 or 10 months but receive service credit for 12 months of employment must be entered into SEBES as contract employees instead of regular employees. The distinction is important as it will allow us to grant such employees uninterrupted service credit and keep them off monthly error reports. Submit Leave of Absence forms for regular employees who do not work when the institution is closed for extended periods during the winter or summer breaks.