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Life Insurance After Retirement

Feb 28, 2022, 11:53 AM by MOSERS
I am a 74 year old retiree. I do not have term life insurance through MOSERS. Can I get it at this late date? If so what is the coverage and cost and do I have to undergo a medical exam?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you retired under MOSERS without any MOSERS life insurance, you cannot add it later. Below are the guidelines.

MOSERS offers basic life insurance of one times their annual salary at no cost to active employees. MOSERS members can purchase additional optional life insurance while actively working.

Basic Retiree Coverage After Retirement

  • If you retire within 60 days of leaving state employment, the state will continue to provide you with $5,000 of coverage at no cost to you.
  • If you wish to do so, you have 60 days from your retirement date to port or convert any remaining basic life insurance through The Standard Insurance Company.

Optional Life Insurance and Retaining Coverage After Retirement

If you retire within 60 days of leaving state employment, or retire directly from active employment, you may be eligible to retain some of your optional life insurance coverage.

  • You may retain up to $60,000 in coverage if you are a member of the MSEP. Your coverage cannot exceed the amount your carried while actively employed.
  • You may retain all of your optional coverage until age 62 if you are a general state employee who retired under the “Rule of 80” (MSEP 2000) or the “Rule of 90” (MSEP 2011). At age 62, your coverage will automatically reduce to a maximum of $60,000.

Once you terminate coverage in retirement, it cannot be reinstated. You cannot increase your coverage after retirement.

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