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  • Email Options

    Jun 21, 2021, 8:24 AM By MOSERS
    My wife and I each receive a copy of "Retiree NEWS". We would appreciate receiving only one copy at this address. Thank you. 

    This is something we are working on improving with our new pension administration system. Currently, in order to only receive one copy per household, one of you will need to opt in to receive all notices electronically. (Note: Doing so will result in that person receiving nearly all of their correspondence from MOSERS online – not just RetireeNews.) Start by logging in to myMOSERS, selecting Personal Information then Email Options. From there you can opt in to electronic notices. 

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  • Where to Find Annual Benefit Statements

    Jun 17, 2021, 9:52 AM By MOSERS
    Hello. How can I access a copy of my annual benefit statement? Thanks.

    Annual Benefit Statements for active members are available online. You can access your statement by logging in to myMOSERS, clicking on Online Documents then on Document Express. You can then download and save it or print it. If you have opted to receive your correspondence from MOSERS through the mail, we mail your statement to your home address each year in March.  

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  • Last Day of Work Prior to Retirement?

    Jun 9, 2021, 1:58 PM By MOSERS
    I have been told that as a state employee you are required to show up on your last day of employment prior to retirement. Example if my retirement date was July 1, I would have to come in on June 30th. You did not have to work an 8 hour day but had to be there for at least one hour. Is this correct?

    MOSERS has no authority over the policies and procedures of an agency in determining onsite requirements when an employee is ending their service. Therefore, we encourage you to talk with your HR staff and/or your supervisor in advance of your retirement to find out about the policies and procedures at your agency.

    Your last day of work as a MOSERS benefit-eligible employee, as reported by your employer, must be at least one day prior to your retirement date with MOSERS. Your retirement date with MOSERS must be on the first day of a month.

    If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for a Ready to Retire seminar or webinar, see the Ready to Retire page of our website and contact a MOSERS benefit counselor for more information. 

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  • MSEP 2000 Normal Retirement Eligibility

    Mar 22, 2021, 12:03 PM By MOSERS
    In reading your newsletter today regarding the different requirements to retire, for the MSEP 2000, wasn't there an early retirement option at age 57 with 5 years of service also?

     Yes, there is an early retirement option for members who are members of the MSEP 2000. What we referenced in the previous Rumor Central post was just normal retirement eligibility, not early retirement eligibility. You can find more information on our MSEP 2000 web page.

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  • How to Update Beneficiaries

    Mar 4, 2021, 3:26 PM By MOSERS
    Both my daughters are now married. They are two of my beneficiaries. How do I change just their last names?

    To update your beneficiary designations, log in to myMOSERS. Complete and submit the Designation/Change of Beneficiaries form (“Life Ins Beneficiaries” from the Forms drop-down menu) for basic and optional life insurance. If you are a member of the MSEP 2011 or the Judicial Plan 2011, you should also complete and submit the Contribution Beneficiaries form for your employee contributions.

    If you cannot log in to submit the forms online, contact a MOSERS benefit counselor at, (800) 827-1063 or (573) 632-6100 to request paper forms, which we will mail to your home address.

    If you participate in the state’s deferred compensation program, you may want to update your beneficiaries with MO Deferred Comp, as well.

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  • Understanding Available Retirement Dates

    Jan 20, 2021, 9:32 AM By MOSERS

    I am in a MOSERS eligible position actively employed. When I do my retirement calculator to analyze my options, the retirement dates "default" to the next month. Out of curiosity, why does this occur? Thanks for providing the opportunity to ask and appreciate any input you may be able to provide.

    When you log in to myMOSERS to generate a benefit estimate or to retire online, our system will display your “Next Available Retirement Date(s)”. This may be a future date, even if you were already eligible for retirement. This is because there is a deadline for getting your retirement application in. If you don’t submit an application by the deadline for a given month, the system automatically rolls forward to your NEXT available retirement date.

    For example, if you were initially eligible to retire on January 1 but didn’t apply, then you logged in to myMOSERS, in February, you would see a retirement date of April 1. Again, the reason for this is to retire on April 1, you need to apply by February 28. See the chart showing deadlines on our Ready to Retire page. You may apply for retirement up to 120 days prior to your retirement date. Please see the Retirement Guide or contact us if you have any questions about the retirement process. 

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  • Retiring Online

    Jan 15, 2021, 2:29 PM By MOSERS
    I need to fill out a Retirement application form.  How do I do that?  I read that there is no form, that each on is individualized.  So, where do I begin?  Thank you!

    The easiest and most convenient way to apply for retirement is online. Complete both steps in the two-step retirement process all at once or leave and come back later. Log in to myMOSERS. From there, select Retire Online. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the online retirement process. For more information, please see our quick video, Retire Online, or our Applying for Retirement web page.

    If you choose not to retire online, please contact a MOSERS benefit counselor to request a personalized paper Retirement Application.

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  • Annual Benefit Statement

    Nov 24, 2020, 4:01 PM By MOSERS
    I was wondering if MOSERS had some type of packet where we could put all of our MOSER info (retirement, deferred comp and life insurance) all in one packet so that if we die our family would know everything they need to get the benefits. 

    This is a great question! We would encourage you to see your Annual Benefit Statement, as it displays all of your current benefit information in one document.

    We send this annually in March to all active members but you can access it anytime by logging into myMOSERS. Here, it is available to print out or save as a PDF, which you can share with trusted loved ones or family members.

    Retirees get their Annual Benefit Statement each year on the anniversary of their retirement date or BackDROP date. We send benefit statements to vested former state employees once every 5 years. 

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  • Virtual Benefit Counseling

    Aug 7, 2020, 3:35 PM By MOSERS
    My friend found it very beneficial to meet with a MOSERS representative before she retired. I trying to decide when to retire and which plan to use. Are you still making in-person appointments? Can an appointment be done in zoom?
    Yes, we offer online counseling sessions. Check out our article on how to schedule a Virtual Benefit Counseling session! 
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  • Annual Benefit Statements Delayed

    May 4, 2020, 9:24 AM By MOSERS
    When will the 2020 Annual Benefit Statement be available or did I miss it?
    In early March, we were able to get Annual Benefit Statements sent out to our members who work for the Department of Conservation or for a state university. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we had to postpone sending them to other members. However, we plan to start producing statements again late next week. All active members should receive their 2020 Annual Benefit Statements by mid-May. Please watch for an email from us letting you know you have something in your Document Express online mailbox.
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