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  • MSEP 2011 Retirement Eligibility

    Mar 14, 2018, 8:31 AM By MOSERS

    Vesting is changed to 5 years, so why is the monthly benefit not payable until 10 years? If I were to retire after 8 years, would I receive a lump sum payout of my contributions plus any amount vested by the plan, or would the benefit be deferred until after 10 years?

    Vesting is one part of retirement eligibility. The other part is age. Both vesting and age requirements must be met in order to retire under a MOSERS defined benefit plan. As a member of MSEP 2011, you will become eligible for normal retirement when you have at least 5 years of service and reach age 67 OR under the “Rule of 90” which is when you are at least age 55 and your age plus service equals 90 prior to you leaving state employment.

    Once you are vested with MOSERS, even if you leave state employment, you will be eligible for lifetime monthly benefit payments once you also meet the age requirement (and any other legal requirements) and retire under a MOSERS defined benefit pension plan. The 5-year vesting for MSEP 2011 members went into effect on 1/1/2018 and MSEP 2011 members must be actively employed on or after 1/1/2018 to be covered by this change.

    Your contributions go toward helping pay for your future lifetime monthly benefit payments. You will receive a lump-sum payment only if you request a refund of your employee contributions. By taking a refund, your forfeit all your credited service. If you are vested and take a refund, you give up your future lifetime monthly benefit payments.

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