Board Election

The Board election is for three Board members who are members of the System. Two are active members elected by active employees and inactive-vested members. One is a retiree elected by retired members. Both state statutes and Board rules govern the Board member election process.

The next MOSERS Board of Trustees election will be held in August 2022.


  • March 15, 2022 – Nomination petitions available
  • June 15, 2022 – Nomination petitions due to MOSERS
  • July 2022 – Nomination results will be posted to this page with a short biography of candidates.
  • August 10, 2022 – Election information will be sent to all eligible members by mail and emails sent to all members with a valid email address on file. Eligible members will have 5 weeks to vote online or by phone.
  • September 2022 – Internet and telephone balloting will cease at 5 pm CST on September 21. Election results will be certified and posted.

How to Vote:

    1. Simply log in to myMOSERS.
    2. Click on the Vote Now button.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Directly through the voting site:
    1. Visit to cast your vote.
    2. Enter your Election Code and your Voting Pin (located on the mailed/emailed election notice).
    3. Click Continue and follow the voting instructions.
  • By phone:
    1. Call (877) 247-6979.
    2. You will need your Election Code and Voting PIN (located on the mailed/emailed election notice).
    3. Follow the prompts.
Eligible members will have six weeks to vote online or by phone. The election period ends on September 21, 2022.

Board Election 2022 - Active and Retired Nominees

There are three active member candidates and two retired member candidates that successfully completed the nomination process and their names will be on the election ballot. Learn more about each candidate by reviewing their candidate statements below. Candidates are listed in no particular order.

Active Member Candidates

Crystal Wessing

Current Employer: Office of Administration (OA)
Number of Years of Benefit Eligible State Service: 22
Current Job Title: OA Cares Customer Service and Special Projects Liaison

Candidate Statement:

The best way the State of Missouri can recruit and retain qualified, exceptional employees is to maintain an attractive benefits package. As Chairwoman of the board and an active employee member candidate, I am committed to protecting these benefits for both current and future state employees. I believe, while state employee pay is among the lowest in the nation, our benefits package has historically allowed the state to hire and retain valuable employees. If re-elected, I will continue to work to preserve the integrity of retirement benefits as a recruiting and retention tool, ultimately allowing all citizens to get quality services from the State of Missouri.

Since election to the board in 2014, I have worked on significant issues, including studying the economics and demographics of current and retired state employees to set the annual contribution rate paid by the State and higher education employers to ensure our retirement benefits are funded. I work diligently and collaboratively with my fellow board members to ensure the board’s focus centers on top priorities. Providing a secure retirement for state employees, investment risk and return, strategic planning & governance, and enterprise risk management are top priorities for the board.

Please consider selecting me for this responsible position of an active employee member of the MOSERS Board. If re-elected, I will continue to focus on the most critical issues facing the system to ensure a secure benefit for state employees. I will continue to work hard to protect and preserve benefits for all state employees. I encourage you to reach out to me via messaging on LinkedIn or Facebook with feedback on how I can serve you better in my position on the board.

Jenny M. Jacobs, CPA

Current Employer: State Technical College of Missouri
Number of Years of Benefit Eligible State Service: 9
Current Job Title: Vice President of Finance

Candidate Statement:

Jenny Jacobs is the VP of Finance at State Technical College of Missouri, a component unit of the State of Missouri. She earned her BSBA from the University of Missouri - St. Louis and has been a licensed CPA since 1998. She spent 9 years in public accounting primarily in business and personal income tax, 8 years as the CFO of a multi-specialty medical group, and the last 9 ½ years in higher education at the College. She has served as the elected active member since June of 2018 and is the Chairwoman of the Audit Committee and member of the Strategic Planning and Governance committee. She is excited to represent the membership and brings a unique higher education participant perspective to the board. She takes great pride in working collaboratively and conservatively to improve the plan. If elected for another term, she will continue to support policies and practices that provide stability to plan assets. She resides in rural Linn, Missouri where she and her husband Greg have a growing cattle farm.

Richard Brown

Current Employer: Missouri House of Representatives
Number of Years of Benefit Eligible State Service: 5
Current Job Title: State Representative

Candidate Statement:

I previously served as a Board Member for the Kansas City Public School Retirement System from 2013 to 2016. I held the position of Investment Committee Chairman.

Currently I serve as a Board Member for the Pensions Committee in the Missouri House of Representatives. I have been on this committee and held the position since January 2017. Since January of 2017, I have served on the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement.

I previously held memberships with the NCTR (National Conference on Teacher Retirement) and NASP (National Association of Securities Professionals). I attended numerous pension related conferences and training as required by state law as a trustee for the KCPSRS. During my tenure with the Missouri Legislature, I have continued to attend conferences and training including the annual MAPERS Conference and I will be attending NCPERS (National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems) in May of 2022.

In submitting my application, I believe that his experience in the area of pensions will be a strong attribute and asset to your organization.

Retired Member Candidates

Gary Findlay

Agency Retired From: Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System
Number of Years of Benefit Eligible State Service:
Month and Year of Retirement: January 2016
Job Position at Retirement: Executive Director

Candidate Statement:

I am presently the member of the MOSERS board of trustees elected by retirees.

Shortly after receiving my bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Missouri, I entered the army as an infantry lieutenant with a tour that included one year of combat duty in Vietnam.

My professional career following the military included over 42 years of service to public retirement plans. Sixteen years of that service was with a national actuarial firm that specializes in public employee retirement consulting. The concluding twenty-one years leading up to my retirement January 1, 2016, was as Executive Director of MOSERS. During my tenure with MOSERS the system became recognized nationally for excellence in plan administration, plan governance, plan benefit design, and investing plan assets. Recognitions included Plan Sponsor of the Year for the system from Plan Sponsor Magazine and personal lifetime achievement awards from Institutional Investor magazine and the Money Management Letter.

My other activities in the public pension arena included:

  • President of the National Association of State Retirement Administrators
  • Chair of the Board of Directors of the Council of Institutional Investors
  • Chair of the Public Employees Committee of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Member of the Standing Advisory Group of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  • Member of the Pension Accounting Task Force of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
  • Member of the Committee on Retirement and Benefits Administration of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)
  • Member of the GFOA Executive Board
  • Editor – GFOA Guides for Public Pension Trustees and Administrators
  • Co-Author – GFOA Guidelines for the Preparation of a Public Employee Retirement System Annual Financial Report
  • Member of three Missouri gubernatorial commissions on public employee retirement
  • Author – numerous articles in trade periodicals regarding public employee retirement governance and investment issues

Marilyn Seaton

Agency Retired From: Missouri House of Representatives
Number of Years of Benefit Eligible State Service: 25
Month and Year of Retirement: January 2006
Job Position at Retirement: Legislative Specialist

Candidate Statement:

I am a proud and dedicated public servant. For more than thirty (30) years I worked on behalf of the people of Missouri in the State Capitol Building. After retirement I continued working in a part time capacity.

Beyond my own service, my family has spent decades working for the state on behalf of the children of Missouri. My husband, Wayne Seaton, deceased, worked for more than twenty (20) years Department of Health. Our son, has continued that legacy of service with the Department of Corrections.

I take great pride in the work done by state government. Truly I am fiercely loyal to the many employees who work day in and day out to ensure the general public has access to information and services government provides.