Reporting a Death to MOSERS

Dec 19, 2023, 09:08 AM
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We understand this can be a difficult topic for our members and their loved ones, however, knowing the steps to take as a survivor is important for you and your beneficiaries. We encourage you to learn more and to contact us with any concerns or questions. Below is a simple overview of the initial steps to report a death. Please see the Death page on our website for more information.

Death of a MOSERS Retiree:

  • Contact us as soon as possible when anyone receiving (or eligible for) a MOSERS benefit dies.
  • MOSERS will send you a letter explaining any benefits available to you. If a retiree dies, the benefit payment option they elected at retirement will determine if we pay survivor benefits.
  • You must complete and return the forms we send to you. MOSERS cannot pay benefits to survivors or beneficiaries without the required documents. If requested, submit a photocopy of the death certificate and an acceptable proof-of-age-and lawful presence document.
  • If you want to use insurance proceeds to pay funeral expenses, speak with the funeral home first, and send us the assignment paperwork and an itemized statement of expenses.
  • Remember to contact MO Deferred Comp and other benefit providers such as MCHCP, and Social Security, if applicable.

Death of Your Spouse

If you are a retired member who elected a joint & survivor benefit payment option, and your spouse dies first, you may be eligible for a pop-up of your monthly pension benefit. Please note, pop-ups are not automatic. You must provide MOSERS with a photocopy of your spouse's death certificate before your benefit will be adjusted. The effective date of the pop-up will be the first of the month following your spouse's date of death.

Contacting MOSERS

MOSERS benefit counselors are a valuable source for information regarding your benefits and are available to assist you on weekdays:
8:00 am - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(800) 827-1063 toll-free
(573) 632-6100 in Jefferson City
(573) 632-6103 fax

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