Life Services Toolkit

Dec 18, 2023, 11:55 AM
Toolbox with tools

Members who have life insurance through MOSERS have access to an online toolkit of resources from The Standard Insurance Company.

(These benefits are not available to Conservation or university employees. If you work for the Department of Conservation or a university, other than Lincoln or State Technical College of Missouri, please contact your HR office about your life insurance benefits.)

Services to Help You

    Estate Planning & Legal Forms

    • Find checklists for estate and financial planning.
    • Create a will.
    • Access legal document preparation.
    • Learn about elder care law, family law, real estate, and managing debt.

    Health & Wellness

    • Find resources for a healthier lifestyle, coping strategies, and stress management.

    Identity Theft Protection

    • Learn how to prevent identity theft, use technology safely, access state laws, and resolve issues if identity theft has occurred.

    Funeral Arrangements

    • Use the website to aid in planning, calculating expenses, locating local providers, and making decisions in advance.

    Financial Planning

    • Find resources to help you calculate mortgage and loan payments.
    • Learn how to manage debt and improve your credit score.

Services for Beneficiaries

*Beneficiaries can access these resources for 12 months after a family member’s death.

    Grief Counseling

    • Get in-person or over the phone counseling from care managers with advanced training.

    Legal Services

    • Meet with an attorney in your area or over the phone for assistance with estate planning or other legal assistance.

    Financial Assistance and Other Support Services

    • Access financial counselors by phone for help with debt management and budgeting strategies.
    • Get assistance planning funeral or memorial services.
    • Speak with WorkLife advisors who can help manage household repairs, find childcare or eldercare, and help organize relocation.

Check out the Life Services Toolkit flyer to learn more. Get started to by visiting and entering in the username “assurance”. 

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