Are you getting Ready to Retire?

2020 Ready to Retire (PreRetirement) is now open!

Are you getting Ready to Retire?

If you are within five years of retirement eligibility, then it’s almost time! Soon, you will be able to register to attend a Ready to Retire (PreRetirement) Seminar or Webinar!


MOSERS' Cost and Service Relative to Our Peers

To see how we compare to our peers and how we can improve, each year, MOSERS analyzes our costs and service scores relative to our peer retirement systems.


Reasons to Keep Your Information Updated

If your email or mailing address changes and we lose contact with you, you could miss out on important benefit information.


Check Out Our Online Library!

Looking for a MOSERS publication or form? With 90 items listed there, chances are you can find what you need in our online library.


Retirement & Your Taxes

You may be able to deduct a portion of your MOSERS public retirement benefit on your Missouri tax return.

Benefit Adjustments

You can find the 2020 COLA on our website in mid-January.

Ready to Retire? Retire Online!

Retirement isn't just a destination—it's a journey! More than 70% of our members retire online.

Having difficulty doing your job?

The Workplace Possibilites Program may be able to help.

November 2019 Board Meeting Update

The MOSERS Board of Trustees met for their quarterly meeting on November 21, 2019.

Ronda Stegmann

Thankful for You

In this season of gratitude, my thoughts turn to our many stakeholders, including our hardworking members. In my 27 years of working for the state, including the four and a half years I’ve...


Payday for Retirees Comes Early in November

Governor Mike Parson has closed state offices on Friday, Nov. 29.

Your Retirement Team

Which benefit provider should you call with your questions: MOSERS or MO Deferred Comp?

Word on the Street

Word on the Street: Applying for Long-Term Disability (LTD) Benefits

True or False: Members older than age 60 cannot apply for MOSERS long-term disability (LTD) benefits.


Our new website has launched!

Welcome to our new and improved public website! Take a quick tour of what's changed...


Missouri Ombudsman Program

Help others and give back to your community through The Missouri Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program...


Security When You're Away From Home

Travel Assistance when you are more than 100 miles from home...


Life-Changing Events Can Impact Your Retirement

Certain events may have an impact on your retirement benefits. Find out more...


The Post Office vs. Email...The Choice Will Be Yours

Some of you may have noticed that you received an email notice about our newsletters as well as a paper copy...


Coming Soon - New Coffee Break Schedule

Our 2019 Coffee Break speaker, Paul Fennewald, had some great information for our retirees on Situational Awareness...

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