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BackDROP & Survivor Benefit?

Aug 21, 2018, 15:31 PM by MOSERS

If I have completed my five year backdrop period and continue working in my state position, would my spouse receive the backdrop lump sum payment if I died while still working?

For example, if I completed the five year backdrop period on 8-1-2018, continued working, planned on retiring on 6-1-2019, but died on 3-1-2019 - would my spouse receive the lump sum back drop as well as the monthly survivor pension benefit, or would she just receive the monthly survivor pension benefit?

If you pass away before your retirement date, any elections you made about retirement are null and void, including any elections about BackDROP. If you were still working and had not yet reached your retirement date, you are considered an “active member” and we must pay your eligible survivor. Your spouse’s monthly survivor benefit would be based on the Joint & 100% benefit payment option and calculated using your final average pay and credited service as of your date of death. Your spouse would not receive the BackDROP lump-sum payment if you died prior to your retirement date. In calculating your spouse’s monthly benefit, we would count the time in what would have been your BackDROP period – your total years and months of creditable service. For more information regarding survivor benefits, please visit the death of a member section of our website.

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