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Final Average Pay & BackDROP

Aug 1, 2018, 12:53 PM by MOSERS

Note: the question below refers to a previous Rumor Central question from July 2018:

"As you referenced, FAP is determined using your highest 36 full consecutive months of pay when looking at your entire work history covered under MOSERS. Practically speaking, for most, that is their last three years, but not always. The exception to this would occur under the BackDROP (if eligible). If you become eligible for and elect the BackDROP upon retirement, your highest 36 consecutive months would be determined from your MOSERS-covered work history prior to your BackDROP date. In other words, any pay or service during your BackDROP period doesn’t count toward your monthly benefit payments."
Okay, based off this information, since I am working on my back-drop currently, an increase in pay will NOT increase my retirement? I am planning on working overtime as a Correctional Officer, will this have an effect on the amount of money I receive in my retirement? Yes or No...

You are correct that pay earned during your BackDROP period will not count towards calculating your retirement benefit. Your monthly benefit will be calculated using your final average pay (FAP) and credited service as of your BackDROP date (the day your BackDROP period begins).

Any pay or service you get during your BackDROP period is not counted when calculating your monthly benefit payment. To be clear, any overtime pay you receive during your BackDROP period will not be considered in calculating your final average pay. But keep in mind, you are not required to take BackDROP, regardless of how long you work beyond normal retirement eligibility, and you don’t have to notify MOSERS of any decisions about BackDROP until you retire. You may elect not to take BackDROP if you want all your service and pay to count and, likely, increase your monthly benefit.

Our BackDROP page, with a BackDROP graphic near the bottom, may help you visualize how it works or you can read the BackDROP brochure for more information. BackDROP can be complicated to understand, so MOSERS benefit counselors are available to help by phone or through an in-person appointment. Call (800) 827-1063 to discuss your options. Counselors can also provide you with benefit estimates with and without the BackDROP so you can compare.

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