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Credited Service for Army Reserve?

May 31, 2018, 11:28 AM by MOSERS

I just have a question regarding having Served in the Army Reserve. Can a state employee receive any credit for having served as a Reservist? 

Yes, it is possible, depending on when your military service was performed relative to your state employment. There are provisions that allow you to 1.) purchase or 2.) receive automatic credit at no cost* for your eligible active-duty military service. Short duration active-duty military service such as two-week annual trainings in the reserve forces may qualify for service credit. This additional service credit will be used in determining your eligibility for retirement and calculating the amount of your benefit.

We encourage anyone interested in purchasing prior active-duty military service to contact a MOSERS benefit counselor, who can provide cost estimates. The primary timing issue for you to consider when making a service purchase is that, the longer you wait, the more it will cost. In other words, it is often to your advantage, in terms of cost, to purchase service sooner rather than later to avoid additional interest costs. See the Purchasing and Transferring Service Credit brochure (MSEP &MSEP 2000) (page 6) for more information. Any eligible purchases must be applied for and paid for in full prior to applying for retirement.

*Note: Members of the MSEP 2011 may get automatic credit if they were employed by the state immediately prior to entering the armed forces and return to state employment within the timeframe specified by USERRA. However, purchase of prior active-duty military service credit is not available to members of MSEP 2011.

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