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MOSERS Temporary Benefit & Social Security Benefits

Apr 3, 2018, 15:29 PM by MOSERS

I turned 62 on Feb 1, 2018. While I was aware that I would be SS eligible at 62, it was my understanding that my retirement supplemental benefit would remain in affect until I elected to take Social Security. Now I see from Mosers correspondence, buried on member website, that my benefit dropped $1130/month on March 30. I was not informed of this until March 26.

Why wasn't I informed sooner so that I could make some decisions on how I was going to cover this difference.
This is a disservice to members. I am sure others have been shocked and inconvenienced as well.

For the sake of others reaching this 62 year old threshold, this procedure needs to change.

We apologize that you were surprised that the Temporary Benefit ends at age 62. The MOSERS Temporary Benefit* was designed to serve as a bridge between your MOSERS retirement and your eligibility for early Social Security benefits but the two are not directly linked. The MOSERS Temporary Benefit ends at age 62 regardless of your decision to apply for early Social Security retirement benefits or not. Taking early/reduced Social Security benefits, as opposed to waiting until you are eligible for full Social Security benefits, is a personal decision with pros and cons on both sides. We encourage you to talk with a financial advisor or staff at the Social Security Administration to help you decide which is best for you individually.

In addition to sending the letter you mentioned, we discuss in PreRetirement Seminars and note in the General Employees’ Retirement Handbook (MSEP/MSEP 2000), on benefit estimates, and in Annual Benefit Statements that the Temporary Benefit ends at age 62. In order for the Temporary Benefit to be payable beyond age 62, current law would have to be changed.

*The Temporary Benefit is a provision of the MSEP 2000 or MSEP 2011. It is not available in the MSEP. The Temporary Benefit applies only if you retire under MSEP 2000 or MSEP 2011and are younger than age 62 when you retire.

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