Springtime is Annual Benefit Statement Time

Apr 12, 2019, 14:55 PM

A significant part of your total compensation is in the value of the benefits you receive as a state employee (pension, healthcare, life and long-term disability insurance, deferred compensation, employer contributions to Social Security, etc.) plus the value of time off (annual leave, sick leave, and holidays). Your Annual Benefit Statement contains all this information in one convenient document.

Each spring, MOSERS sends these personalized statements in March or April to active state employees. Use it to make decisions today and plan for tomorrow.

It should help you estimate the income you will have in retirement from MOSERS and decide things like:

  • When will you be financially ready to retire?

Your income in retirement may come from several different sources such as:

  • Your MOSERS defined benefit pension plan
  • Savings and investment income (from individual accounts such as the MO Deferred Comp Plan)
  • Part-time or full-time re-employment

Your benefit statement provides an estimate of the amount of your MOSERS pension benefit and also shows you how much income you can expect to receive in retirement from your deferred compensation account at your current savings rate (if you contribute). 

You will also be able to access your Annual Benefit Statement from your Document Express online mailbox by logging in to MOSERS’ website. It is available for you to print or save for later reference. You will receive an email from MOSERS once your statement is posted. If you have opted to receive your correspondence from MOSERS through the mail, your statement will be sent to your home address and it is also available as described above.

*Conservation and College & University Employees (except Lincoln University and State Technical College of Missouri) – Some of your benefits (such as health care and life insurance coverage, among others) are provided directly through your employer so no information on these benefits will appear in your 2019 Annual Benefit Statement. Contact your human resources office for more information on those benefits.

Review Your Beneficiaries

Have you gotten married or divorced? Had a new child or grandchild? Have any of your beneficiaries changed their name or moved? Spring is a good time to “clean up” your life insurance beneficiary designations and make sure they are current! Check the beneficiaries listed in your Annual Benefit Statement. Or, log in to MOSERS’ website** and click on Personal Information and then Life Insurance. Your beneficiary information will be displayed below your current life insurance coverage amount. You may change your designation while you are logged in by selecting Forms from the main menu, then Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Contingent beneficiaries will also be listed online and on your statement if submitted after October 2012.

**See the short  myMOSERS Login Tutorial for helpful information if this will be your first time logging in.

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