Executive Director Announces 2023 Retirement

Jun 24, 2022, 11:49 AM

Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System (MOSERS) Executive Director, Ronda Stegmann, has announced her plans to retire in 2023. Ms. Stegmann will mark 30 years of public service in 2022.

Stegmann began her tenure in the public pension arena in 1999 within the Missouri General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement. She joined MOSERS in 2015 as the legislative and policy coordinator and was named interim executive director in January 2018. She was later selected as the MOSERS executive director in June 2018.

During her tenure as executive director, Stegmann noted that MOSERS worked diligently, as a committed team consisting of the MOSERS Board of Trustees, staff, and consultants, to carry out the important work of the System. Some notable accomplishments include:

  • Modifying MOSERS’ investment portfolio to better serve the needs of stakeholders,
  • Achieving the highest one-year rate of return within the investment program in more than 3 decades,
  • Reducing the assumed rate of return on investments to reflect capital market expectations and strengthen MOSERS’ financial position over the long-term,
  • Increasing communication and transparency through the “A Moment With MOSERS” video reports of quarterly Board meeting actions, and
  • Successfully accomplishing the objectives of the MOSERS Board of Trustees’ inaugural 3-year strategic planning cycle for Fiscal Years 2020-2022.

Regarding Ms. Stegmann’s retirement announcement, MOSERS Board of Trustees’ Chairwoman, Crystal Wessing, said, “The MOSERS Board of Trustees is thankful to Ronda for her commitment and dedication to MOSERS’ membership and the citizens of this state. We wish her every happiness in retirement and will continue to promote Ronda’s example of servant leadership.”

Regarding her 2023 intended retirement, Stegmann said, “I have been humbled by the opportunity to serve as MOSERS’ executive director. Administering the retirement, life insurance, long-term disability, and deferred compensation program benefits for hardworking state employees is an extreme honor, which I know MOSERS staff will continue to perform with dedication and commitment.” She added, “I have been proud to experience the diligent collaboration between the MOSERS Board of Trustees and staff, for the ultimate betterment of the System for all stakeholders.”

The MOSERS Board of Trustees will soon begin a search for MOSERS’ next executive director and will work with Ms. Stegmann to ensure a smooth transition.

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