Annual Life Insurance Review


Eligible members with optional life insurance coverage through our insurance carrier, The Standard, may participate in the Annual Life Insurance Review each October. This is your window of opportunity to evaluate your optional life insurance coverage and decide if you would like to increase it (within the established guidelines) without proving insurability.

Every October MOSERS offers eligible members the Annual Life Insurance Review Period. This is an opportunity for members who already have optional life insurance to increase their coverage amount without providing evidence of insurability

If you missed this opportunity, you can still request to increase your coverage amount, anytime throughout the year, by logging in to myMOSERS and submitting the Enrollment Change/Optional Life Insurance form to MOSERS. Any request outside of the Annual Life Insurance Review Period will be subject to approval of your Medical History Statement by The Standard Insurance Company.

Additionally, throughout the year, if you have a family status change, you may be able to increase your coverage in increments of $10,000 up to $100,000 without providing evidence of insurability if you:

  1. have never been denied coverage by The Standard Insurance Company, and
  2. are already enrolled in optional life insurance through MOSERS, and
  3. are not already carrying your maximum coverage amount.

To submit your request, you must log in to myMOSERS, complete an Enrollment/Change - Optional Life Insurance form within 31 days of the qualifying event, and submit proof of your family status change.

This information does not apply to members who are not already enrolled in optional life insurance through MOSERS.

Please refer to the Basic and Optional Life Insurance Handbook and the Life Insurance page of our website for more information on how to enroll in optional life insurance for the first time.

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