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Title Description Revised Qty.
BackDROP for General State Employees (MSEP & MSEP 2000) flyer 09/2023
Basic & Optional Life Insurance Handbook 12/2023
Destination Retirement Checklist 06/2023
Destination Retirement Checklist (University Employees) 06/2023
Divorce and Your Pension Benefit brochure 10/2023
Employee Contributions (MSEP 2011 & Judicial Plan 2011) brochure 09/2023
General Employees Retirement Handbook (MSEP & MSEP 2000) 07/2019
General Employees Retirement Handbook (MSEP 2011) 07/2019
Highlights of Your Total Compensation Package brochure 01/2023
Judges' Retirement Handbook (Judicial Plan & Judicial Plan 2011) 03/2022
Legislators & Statewide Elected Officials' Retirement Handbook (MSEP, MSEP 2000, & MSEP 2011) 12/2023
Life Insurance Rate Card 01/2022
Long-Term Disability Insurance Handbook 12/2023
New Employee Orientation brochure 08/2023
New Employee Orientation DVD 10/2020
New Employee Orientation DVD (no life insurance) 10/2020
Purchasing and Transferring Service Guide for MSEP (Closed Plan) Members 09/2023
Purchasing and Transferring Service Guide for MSEP 2000 Members 09/2023
Purchasing and Transferring Service Guide for MSEP 2011 Members 09/2023
Retirement Guide 08/2023
SEBES Benefits Enrollment Guide 01/2023
Summary of Pension Benefit Provisions (All Plans) 09/2023