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Phoenix Sneak Peek – Reporting Termination Dates

Jun 15, 2022, 10:17 AM by MOSERS

In last month’s edition, we reported that leave of absence forms will be a thing of the past when Phoenix launches in 2023. We are excited to announce the same applies to termination forms! Phoenix will streamline the process for reporting employment status changes and eliminate the extra work of submitting termination forms.

For SAM II employers, Phoenix will capture terminations directly from SAM II based on the ESMT personnel action/reason code and employment status. With this, MOSERS will be notified automatically of the reason for a termination, kicking off critical behind-the-scenes processes. For example, terminations due to the death of an employee will initiate the process of contacting surviving beneficiaries to notify them of any benefits due. Therefore, it will be imperative that you enter the correct personnel action/reason code for terminations in SAM II.

For non-SAM II employers, terminations will be captured when your payroll file is submitted. User-friendly errors or warnings during payroll submission will help you identify employees that might need to be terminated if no pay was received.

Just like leaves of absence, capturing terminations is vital to administering an employee’s pension, life, and LTD benefits through MOSERS. When an employee separates, they may be eligible for future retirement benefits or could take a refund of the money they contributed to MOSERS. Capturing employment status changes automatically as they occur, rather than manually through a subsequent form submission, helps to ensure the accuracy of member records and the efficient delivery of important benefits employees rely on.

For additional reference, check out this high-level process map of Reporting Termination Dates. Keep in mind that this is just a “sneak peek,” and we will provide you with training and resources before Phoenix goes live.