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Phoenix Sneak Peek - New Hires

Mar 15, 2022, 11:21 AM by MOSERS

When hiring a new employee, your first step with MOSERS, though indirectly, is determining the benefit eligibility of the position. An employee hired into a benefit-eligible position is entitled to service and salary accruals towards the calculation of their future pension and, depending on the agency, may also be eligible for life and long-term disability insurance through MOSERS. Therefore your entry of a new benefit-eligible employee into SEBES establishes the employee’s official record under MOSERS.

The implementation of Phoenix will not change the new hire process as it relates to MOSERS. Phoenix will consume data from SEBES just as our current system does, and benefit-eligible employees entered into SEBES will automatically be recorded under MOSERS. However, a unique feature of Phoenix called the SAM II Daily Feed will improve the accuracy of service, salary, and contribution data of employees paid through the SAM II system by double-checking the benefit-eligibility status of employees.

If you are a SAM II employer representative, please take a moment to view this short demo of the SAM II Daily Feed in Phoenix.