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Salary Verification

Aug 16, 2021, 10:43 AM by MOSERS

The Salary Verification Report is ready to work. If you are responsible for working this report, please sign in to the Employer Login, hover over the Error Reports heading, and click the Salary Verification Report.

Names of individuals responsible for working the report will appear. You may view any or all portions of the report by clicking on the appropriate name or department. You will then be able to submit your responses to MOSERS electronically.

The report is essential in ensuring that covered employees receive the correct amount of life insurance coverage each year. The report must be completed by September 7th.

Eligible employees receive one times their annual salary in basic life insurance coverage. The amount of coverage adjusts each January according to the employee's annual earnings in effect on July 31 of the previous year or the employee's first day of coverage, if not covered on July 31.

  • Annual earnings include normal earnings from a benefit-eligible position, including shift differential pay.
  • Overtime pay and other irregular payments are excluded from annual earnings.
  • If an employee is working in both a benefit-eligible and non-benefit eligible position at the same time, only pay from the benefit-eligible position is included in annual earnings.

For the report, MOSERS used the SAM II base salary plus shift differential pay from the July 2021 payroll file to update basic and optional life insurance coverage amounts for most state employees. Manual salary verification is still needed for hourly and intermittent employees, employees on leave, employees working in multiple positions, and anyone not in SAM II.

Last year we received a few inquiries regarding the pay types of "retention pay," a "security differential," and "COVID-19 pay." Please note:

  • Retention pay and a security differential (just as a shift differential noted above) are included in annual earnings.
  • COVID-19 pay, on the other hand, is excluded from annual earnings.
If you have questions about the annual salary verification process, please email You can also watch a brief video tutorial on how to work the report if needed.