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Purchasing Service via SAM II Payroll Deduction

Jun 15, 2021, 08:26 AM by MOSERS

Under certain circumstances, members can purchase service based upon their prior public service or active-duty military service for credit in MOSERS. Prior public service includes full-time employment with another public entity in Missouri, such as a city or county government, a local school district, or the University of Missouri System. By purchasing eligible service, members can increase the amount of their future retirement benefit and, in some cases, become eligible to retire at an earlier date. 

Members have a few options to pay for service purchases, including a one-time lump-sum payment, installment plan (monthly or semi-monthly payments for up to two years), a rollover from a qualified retirement plan, or a combination thereof. 

Members who are paid through SAM II can have installment payments deducted from their payroll check. Members electing this option must have their MOSERS Election to Purchase Service form signed by their payroll/personnel officer. The payroll/personnel officer must enter the deduction as directed on the form into SAM II using MSRBB as the deduction type and deduction plan.  

On occasion, members may have more than one service purchase agreement. For example, a member may choose to buy both their active-duty military service and their time working for a city or county government in Missouri. It is important to note that SAM II will not allow two separate MSRBB deductions to be entered. In these cases, the payroll/personnel officer must combine the payments into one MSRBB deduction. 

Payroll deduction for an installment plan is available only to members who are paid through SAM II.

Members who are not paid through SAM II can make monthly installment payments directly to MOSERS.