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Using the Online SEBES Card

Jun 17, 2020, 09:33 AM by MOSERS

In July 2017, the SEBES workgroup introduced the online SEBES Card. There are several advantages to the online card compared to the old generic card that HR previously had to print and fill in by hand:

  • The online card is personalized to the member. It will show only the benefit providers that apply to that member.
  • The deadline to enroll for benefits is printed on the card.
  • The employee’s email address where enrollment and notification info will be sent is printed on the card.
  • If the employee can start medical, dental, and vision insurance sooner, the deadline to do so is shown, too.
  • The online SEBES card can be printed as a PDF, saved, and emailed to the employee. This may be handy if the HR person is working from home.

Each of the above features is circled in green or red on this sample SEBES Card.