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Partner with MOSERS!

Jan 14, 2020, 15:40 PM by MOSERS

Do you have several new employees or employees close to retirement? We are interested in partnering with you and would be glad to come to your agency or department to give a group presentation directly to your employees!

Newer Employees & MOSERS (NEO-XP)

This presentation is for agencies or departments that have 15 or more newer employees who have six months of service but are not yet vested. It is approximately one hour and designed for MSEP 2011 members.


This presentation is for agencies or departments that have 15 or more employees who are nearing retirement eligibility. It is approximately one hour and designed for MSEP, MSEP 2000 and MSEP 2011 members in the same session.

Ready to Retire (PreRetirement) by Special Request

This presentation is approximately three hours and designed for MSEP and MSEP 2000 members. It is for agencies or departments that have 25 or more members who:

  • are within one year of their actual retirement date,
  • have not attended or enrolled in a PreRetirement Seminar, and
  • don’t regularly have seminars in their area. 


What if I would like to host a session, but will not able to meet the minimum attendance requirements?

We encourage you to work with other agencies in your area and combine resources.

What about employees who work 2nd or 3rd shifts?

We would certainly try to accommodate those employees as well.

What responsibilities does the agency have during the sessions?

Selecting the location or conference room, providing a/v equipment, food and beverages (if any) are the responsibility of the requesting agency.

Will MO Deferred Comp be presenting?

If you would like for MO Deferred Comp to present at these sessions, let us know and we will coordinate scheduling with them. Please allow an additional 30 minutes for their presentation.

Let MOSERS do the work! We will provide you with promotional materials that you can forward directly to your targeted employees which will include instructions for enrolling online.

Don’t forget! We will be sending information and releasing our Mid-Career Webinar schedule around the first of the year, please help us promote these sessions and encourage your employees that are vested and more than ten years from retirement eligibility to attend.

Contact to start partnering with MOSERS today!