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When and How to Submit Termination of Employment Forms

Dec 19, 2019, 08:42 AM by MOSERS

The Termination of Employment and Transfer of Employment forms can be completed electronically through the secure Employer Homepage under the Forms menu option.

Termination of Employment

A few reminders when submitting a Termination of Employment form:

  • Be cautious of submitting a termination form too early (i.e., two months or earlier). Once the form has been submitted online, it automatically updates the employee’s records in our system and shows them as terminated. The employee then may no longer be able to generate benefit estimates using myMOSERS.
  • An employee’s date of termination and payroll must agree. If an employee’s last day of work is on January 31, they should receive payroll for the full month of January.
  • If an employee is terminating at the end of a month/pay period, and the pay period ends on a regularly scheduled day off, and assuming the employee will receive pay for the full pay period, please submit the termination date as the last day of the pay period.
  • If you have an employee retiring directly from active employment, please submit the employee’s termination form no later than the first week of the month in which he/she is retiring. As a general rule, we must have all of the employee’s information entered in our system by the 9th of the month in which the employee is retiring.
  • Do not put comments in the comments field unless absolutely needed. Comments interrupt the automatic processing and then require a benefit specialist to key the form manually.

Example: If an employee terminates, do not enter “resigned in good standing” in the comments field. 

Transfer of Employment

If the employee has not missed an entire calendar month of payroll and is transferring employment from one state agency to another (in a MOSERS-covered benefit-eligible position), the hiring agency must complete the Transfer of Employment form. The previous employer must complete the Termination of Employment form. 

The Transfer of Employment form eliminates any MOSERS-related paperwork for the employee (unless they wish to decrease optional term life insurance coverage or change their beneficiary information). 

Exceptions for completing a transfer form:

  • Employees returning to state employment who have missed an entire calendar month of payroll
  • Employees transferring from the Department of Conservation, Highway Patrol, Department of Transportations, or a state college/university (except State Technical College of Missouri and Lincoln University), which are not covered by MOSERS' life insurance plan.

Employees meeting these exceptions must be entered into SEBES since they will be eligible for at least one new benefit type.