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Molly Goose's Contributions

YearSalary at Beginning of YearAnnual ContributionPay Period ContributionBalance at End of Year
1$35,000 $350 1.0%$360
2$35,525 $533 1.5%$928
3$36,058 $721 2.0%$1,725
4$36,599 $915 2.5%$2,768
5$37,148 $1,114 3.0%$4,079
6$37,705 $1,131 3.0%$5,486
7$38,271 $1,148 3.0%$6,994
8$38,845 $1,165 3.0%$8,611
9$39,427 $1,183 3.0%$10,343
10$40,019 $1,201 3.0%$12,196
11$40,619 $1,219 3.0%$14,180
12$41,228 $1,237 3.0%$16,301
13$41,847 $1,255 3.0%$18,569
14$42,474 $1,274 3.0%$20,992
15$43,112 $1,293 3.0%$23,580
25Zero Balance - Withdrew DC Money$0

Disclaimer: For illustrative purposes only. Assumes a starting salary of $35,000, semi-monthly contributions, 1.5% annual salary increases, and 6% rate of return while employed. Numbers calculated using the Grow Your Retirement Savings Calculator.

MO Deferred Comp Plan
MO Deferred Comp Plan is a retirement savings plan for state of Missouri employees. The money you invest in the deferred comp plan is designed to provide additional income to supplement your MOSERS defined benefit pension and Social Security benefits in retirement.

Financial Education
Deferred comp financial education professionals deliver a variety of FREE seminars and consultations to help you make informed savings decisions as you prepare for retirement.

Pension Planning
The MOSERS defined benefit pension plan provides lifetime retirement income for state employees who are vested. Your benefit will be calculated based on your final average pay (FAP) and service: FAP x Multiplier x Years of Credited Service = Monthly Base Benefit.

Benefit Payment Options
When you retire, you will elect a benefit payment option. Your election determines if a benefit will potentially be paid to anyone else (your spouse or another beneficiary) after your death.

We encourage you to review your Annual Benefit Statement. It is a summary of your MOSERS benefits, which are a significant part of your total compensation. Use it to plan for and assess your retirement readiness as you move through your career!