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Employees Terminating On Their Retirement Date

Sep 16, 2020, 12:50 PM by MOSERS

Please note that MOSERS retirement benefits are only payable as monthly installments. A member may not be counted as an employee AND receive a retirement benefit within the same month. Employees who are retiring typically terminate their employment at the end of a month, so that they may be classified as a retiree at the start of the next month. Occasionally, an employee may confuse this scenario and work on the first day of the month that is their intended retirement date. When this happens, the employee may NOT retire until the following month.

For Example: If an employee plans to retire on October 1 but is still an employee for ANY time in October, they will NOT be permitted to retire until at least November 1.

To ensure smooth transitions for your outgoing staff, please pay special attention to your employees who are eligible for retirement and plan to leave employment on the first day of any month. It may be helpful to explain that their last day of employment and first day of retirement will always be two separate dates.

You may contact MOSERS to confirm if an employee has applied for retirement. If you discover an employee who plans to work on the same date their retirement becomes effective, please advise them of the conflict or direct them to contact  MOSERS for more information.