Welcome to the first annual MOSERS Month! This month is dedicated to helping you learn more about your pension benefits, including life insurance, LTD, and saving more retirement income with MO Deferred Comp. Follow along with our weekly emails, download the activity guide, and start discovering your retirement journey today! 

Welcome to the first annual MOSERS Month! This month is dedicated to helping you learn more about your MOSERS benefits, including pension, life insurance, LTD, and saving more for future retirement income with MO Deferred Comp. Follow along with our weekly emails, download the activity guide, and start your retirement journey today.

You can also view the Governor’s Proclamation declaring April to be MOSERS Month.

Activity Guide

This interactive guide is filled with fun activities that will help you learn more about your MOSERS benefits. Below you will find a breakdown of each activity. After you have completed your guide, review our answer key to see how well you did. It’s time to pack your bags and download the adventure activity guide. Let’s start exploring! 

Career Quiz - Activity 1:

No matter what stage you are at in your career, familiarizing yourself with your benefits terminology is important! Take a moment to test your knowledge with a benefits quiz designed specifically for your career stage. After completing the quiz, you will receive your first code word. This will be used to reveal a key phrase at the end of the Activity Guide. 

Log in to myMOSERS - Activity 2:

Begin this activity by logging in to myMOSERS and searching for the code word on your Member Homepage. Collect all three code words throughout the month to reveal a key phrase for your career stage. Once logged in, complete the myMOSERS checklist found on page 2 of the Activity Guide!

Resources Needed: myMOSERS Video Tutorial, MOSERS Video Gallery

Activity 2 myMOSERS Login

Activity 3 MO Deferred Comp Crossword

MO Deferred Comp Crossword - Activity 3:

Visit and log in (or create a user ID if you haven’t already). After logging in, explore the site to find your personalized retirement savings forecast and put your retirement savings knowledge to the test with the MO Deferred Comp Crossword.

Resources Needed: Create a MO Deferred Comp User ID, MO Deferred Comp Calculators

Annual Benefit Statement BINGO - Activity 4:

To begin, log in to myMOSERS to view your Annual Benefit Statement. Your Annual Benefit Statement is designed to provide you with a summary of your MOSERS benefits and can give you an estimate of what your monthly retirement income will be! Take time to familiarize yourself with your benefit information, then see if you can fill up your card or, at least, get a BINGO on Activity 4. Lastly, don’t forget to search your benefit statement to find your final code word.

Resources Needed: Benefit Providers Table, myMOSERS, What’s My Plan?

Activity 4 Annual Benefit Statement BINGO

Activity 5 Life Insurance Matching

Life Insurance Matching - Activity 5:

Are you familiar with your life insurance coverage with The Standard? This matching activity will help you learn more about your basic and optional life insurance. Additionally, you can learn about coverage for your children and spouse.

Conservation & University employees (except LU and State Tech) – SKIP Activity 5

Resources Needed: The Standard Benefits at a Glance booklet, Your Annual Benefit Statement, Life Insurance page

Long-Term Disability Quiz - Activity 6:

This activity gives you an opportunity to test your understanding of LTD. Learn about how this benefit also includes a program that may assist in making workplace changes so you can avoid going or staying on LTD.

University employees (except LU and State Tech) – SKIP Activity 6

Resources Needed: Long-Term Disability Insurance Handbook, LTD Page

Activity 6 Long-Term Disability Quiz

Activity 7 Word Search

Word Search - Activity 7:

For this activity, you can kick back and relax! Complete the fun word search and take a moment to daydream about what your retirement will look like.

Retirement Goals - Activity 8:

You wouldn’t go on a family vacation with zero planning and expect it to go smoothly, would you? Think of your journey to retirement like a vacation. It requires planning. In this activity, write down your goals for retirement and what steps you’re going to take to achieve them.

Resources Needed: Education Page, MO Deferred Comp

Activity 8 Retirement Goals

Activity 9 Career Journey Maze

Career Journey Maze - Activity 9:

Throughout your career, you may hit roadblocks that make retirement seem like a destination that is out of reach. MOSERS is here to help you along the way, even down the paths to dead ends. In this activity, follow the maze throughout your career to retire.

Boarding Pass - Activity 10:

Combine all three code words from activities 1, 2, and 4 on the boarding pass to reveal your ticket to retirement success!

Activity 10 Boarding Pass

Activity 11 Retirement Passport

Retirement Passport - Activity 11:

Fill in your information to complete your retirement passport. You will find the answers throughout the different activities and within your Annual Benefit Statement. Now that you have a better understanding of your benefits and your passport is complete, it’s time to enjoy the ride to retirement! 


Connect with Us on Social Media - Activity 12:

Even after MOSERS Month, we want to stay in touch with you! Connect with us to keep learning fun and interesting stuff about your benefits all year long!

MOSERS Month Social Media Links

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